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Hello, and welcome to the website of the 8th International Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics 2019 (SLCP2019)!

The SLCP is a yearly gathering of international researchers to discuss the latest developments in liquid crystal photonics. In 2019, the 8th SLCP will be organized by the Liquid Crystal Branch of the Chinese Physical Society, and jointly organized by South China Normal University and Shenzhen Guohua Optoelectronic Tech. Co., Ltd. SLCP 2019 will take place in Guangzhou from March 29th until March 31st. The conference will focus on a series of topics, including but not limited to molecular design, synthesis and alignment technologies, liquid crystal displays devices, photonic devices, alignment materials and technologies, smart windows, light-responsive and active liquid crystals, sensors, and liquid crystal polymers, gels and soft robotics. The broad range of topics and large number of excellent speakers from both China and abroad will provide a stimulating environment to discuss and advance the field of liquid crystal photonics. We are truly looking forward to welcoming you in Guangzhou for SLCP 2019! 

Honorary Chairs

  • Prof. Shin-Tson Wu
    Prof. Shin-Tson Wu

    University of Central Florida

  • Prof. Zhongcan Ouyang
    Prof. Zhongcan Ouyang

    Chinese Academy of Sci.

  • Prof. Dirk Jan Broer
    Prof. Dirk Jan Broer

    Eindhoven Univ. of Tech.

  • Dr. Martin Schadt
    Dr. Martin Schadt

    European Academy of Sci.

General Chairs

  • Prof. Yanqing Lu
    Prof. Yanqing Lu

    Nanjing University

  • Prof. Qionghua Wang
    Prof. Qionghua Wang

    Beihang University

  • Prof. Yikai Su
    Prof. Yikai Su

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Prof. Xiaowei Sun
    Prof. Xiaowei Sun

    Southern Univ. of Sci. & Tech

  • Prof. Huai Yang
    Prof. Huai Yang

    Peking University

  • Prof. Yubao Sun
    Prof. Yubao Sun

    Hebei Univ. of Tech.

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Guofu Zhou
    Prof. Guofu Zhou

    Chair of Organizing Committee, SCNU

  • Prof. Albertus Schenning
    Prof. Albertus Schenning

    Chair of Organizing Committee, TU/e


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